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Pure releases a range of digital radios that really Pop

Pure has respectable credentials when it comes to manufacturing digital radios and the company has just unveiled three new versatile models to hear your favourite stations and music.

The Pop range has designer looks and has been engineered to take up minimal space in your home.

But despite the compact design, Pop still delivers Pure’s signature high quality sound at an affordable price.

There are three models in the range starting at $99 – Pop Mini, Pop Midi and Pop Maxi.

Pop Mini and Pop Midi are single speaker units that really punch above their weight in terms of size to sound quality.

At the top of the line is the Pop Maxi which is a stereo speaker that offers an even more powerful sound.

Their vertical design means they have a small footprint with a large clear display on the front while all of the controls are located on top of the unit.

When the Pop is turned on it will remember the last station you were listening to and even the volume level. Users can also preset their favourite stations as well.

The Pop Midi and Pop Maxi also have the added benefit of Bluetooth so users can stream their own tunes to the speakers.


The radios can run on mains power, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries and eco-friendly rechargeable ChargePAK.

The Pop Mini ($99) is the smallest device in the family and it’s smaller size means it can be carried anywhere around the house. It also has 10 presets.

Moving up to the Pop Midi ($129) it’s a little taller than the Mini but still easily portable. There is a version with Bluetooth ($149) onboard and it can store 20 preset stations.

Pop Maxi ($179) is the biggest unit of the range and comes with Bluetooth as standard along 40 presets.

The Pop range from Pure is available now from JB Hi-Fi.