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Philips join O’Neill to make durable headphones

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Philips has joined forces with well-known surf brand O’Neill to produce a new line of headphones which are designed to withstand a busy and active lifestyle.

And despite their durable construction the headphones also offer a comfortable fit and impressive sound quality.

The Philips O’Neill headphones are available in four different styles which have been inspired by the heavy duty materials and stylings of O’Neill’s wetsuits.  

The Stretch (SHO9560) is the toughest of the range and is impact and stress-crack resistant.

Users can literally bend the plastic headband completely flat and twist it in the opposite direction without breaking it.

The Philips O'Neill Stretch headphones made of durable polyurethane

It is made of TR55LX – an ultra-durable and temperature resistant material which has a surface hardness six times greater than the typical polycarbonate used in regular headphones.

The Philips O'Neill Snug which can fold flat for easy storageEach of the four headphones have soft sound-isolating earcups, tangle free cable and 40mm drivers to provide quality audio output.

The Snug (SHO8800) features both sturdy construction and design so users can listen to their music in comfort.

These headphones can fold flat so are easy to store and take anywhere with you.

Also included in the Philips O’Neill range are two in-ear models – the Covert (SHO4507) and the Specked (SHO9552) that also have the same strength and durability to handle your outdoor and active lifestyle.

The Covert is a discreet earphone which, despite their small size, can deliver a big sound.

They feature an inline microphone and remote so they can be used with an iPhone, iPod and iPad for volume and track control.

The Specked have three sizes of ear sleeves for a more comfortable fit as well as tangle free and reinforced connectors.

The Philips O’Neill headphones and earphones are available now from Dick Smith.



The Stretch –  $149.95.

The Snug –  $79.95

The Covert – $59.95

The Specked – $39.95

The Philips O'Neill Covert which has an inline mic and remote to control volume and navigate music on an iPhone, iPad and iPod

 The Philips O'Neill Specked earphones