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JVC’s BoomBlaster – the modern day ghettoblaster

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The ghettoblaster is back. JVC has just released the 21st century version of the device with the BoomBlaster RV-NB70B.

JVC’s BoomBlaster looks like it means business – it’s has a head-turning design and two 13cm super woofers for powerful bass.

The device also has a retractable iPod dock which seals firmly once the iPhone or iPod is in place so it can be played anywhere including outdoors and on the go. 

Music playback can be controlled with the included remote control while a video input means users can watch videos stored on their iPod and iPhone on a larger screen.

But even without an iPod or iPhone the JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B can play your songs.

Listeners can copy their favourite digital music files onto a USB stick and play them through the USB port on front of the device.

If you’re music is on CD then JVC’s BoomBlaster can also accommodate you via the “twist and lock” cover on the top of the device.

The JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B

There’s also an FM tuner on board to hear your favourite station anywhere.

The bass performance of the JVC BoomBlaster has to be heard to be believed.

The twin subwoofers are symmetrically driven back to back to reduce chassis vibration while the tube shape cabinet pipes the sound through bass reflex ducts.

For the musically minded the JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B can also be used as a guitar amp with the four speakers onboard pumping out 40W of sound. The same input can also be used to plug in a microphone.

The JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B can be powered by a AC adaptor or become truly portable with 10 D-size batteries.

The JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B is available now and is priced at $449.