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JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless earphones review – perfect combo of quality and value


The JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless earphones tick all the boxes. They are a perfect combination when it comes to audio quality, noise cancellation, battery life and value.

When people are looking for wireless earphones they want both quality and value and the JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless earphones, which have just been released, offer just that.

JBL already has a strong reputation when it comes to producing great sound quality so our expectations were quite when we go got our hands on the JBL Live Pro+ earphones.

Priced at $249.95, the JBL Live Pro+ did not disappoint.

There’s a notion in this popular category that you have to spend $500 and stick with a particular brand to get something decent.

JBL has proven that’s definitely not the case.

Smarter customers are discovering there are alternatives that won’t break the bank.

The JBL Live Pro+ aren’t the cheapest earphones nor are they the most expensive but when it comes to the sound and the noise cancellation, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Design-wise, the JBL Live Pro+ earphones have bud and a small stalk that sits outside your ear.

The earbud itself houses 11mm dynamic driver to deliver the JBL Signature Sound which is impressive considering the small size of the earbuds.

The soft silicon tips offers a nice fit which add to the nice balanced feel which makes the earphones rest comfortably without the need to jam them tightly into your ears to offer better grip.

There is also a short stalk that sits outside your ear but it’s still pretty small.

The earphones are certified IPX4 which means they are water and sweat resistant.

We took a look at the white JBL Live Pro+ for our review. They are also available in black, pink and beige.

Pairing is really easy – they sync and pair as soon as you open the case for the first time. If you’re using an Android smartphone they are also compatible with Google’s Fast Pair.

The sound quality is really impressive – there’s a fullness and clarity to the audio that’s very satisfying and the bass is just right without trying to overcompensate for weaknesses in the sound profile.

For our review we listened to all kinds of music as well as podcasts and audiobooks and the JBL Live Pro+ earphones offered a great result each time.

The JBL Headphones companion also offers preset equalisers to boost bass and for vocals and jazz or you can customise your own equaliser profile.

There is active noise cancellation onboard as well as you can just focus on the great audio quality the earphones provide.

And the noise cancellation is adaptive so you can block out the outside world when you want to just focus on what you’re doing.

But the Smart Ambient feature can also intelligently connect you to your environment so you can even more clearly hear what’s going on around you whether you’re exercising, near a busy road or talking to someone else.

Even when making calls, the JBL Live Pro+ earphones sounds crisp and clear thanks to the four beamforming microphones that can also reduce background noise.

In fact, we did several radio interviews outside wearing the earphones and the quality of the call was never brought into question.

There are plenty of controls, including manually switching between ANC and Ambient mode, can be accessed through the earphones themselves.

These controls can be set up and adjusted within the JBL Headphones app.

But they can be a little sensitive. We found ourselves changing listening modes and pausing our music when we were making simple adjustments.

You get used to this after a little more usage but at first you need learn where to place your fingers to activate the control when you mean to.

Users can also choose between Google Assistant and Alexa as their voice assistant. If you choose Google you can use your voice to check battery level, activate ANC and Ambient Aware and even power the earphones off.

Another strength of the JBL Live Pro+ is the battery life with up to 7 hours without ANC and 6 hours with ANC plus another 21 hours of charge in the case.

Speaking of the case, it is compact and small enough to fit in your pocket.

The JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless active noise cancellation earphones are available now and are priced at $249.95.


The JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless earphones tick all the boxes. They are a perfect combination when it comes to audio quality, noise cancellation, battery life and value.