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Jawbone’s Mini Jambox Bluetooth speakers add more features

minijambox3Jawbone’s Mini Jambox Bluetooth speakers are small enough to take anywhere so you can hear your music in high quality – and now it has even more features.

A firmware update has made the Mini Jambox, which is just 15.4cm long, even more versatile and more social with a new ability called Multi-Play.

Users can pair their smartphones and tablets to the Mini Jambox using Bluetooth to stream their favourite music.

But now, with the firmware update, the Mini Jambox’s Multi-Play function enables users to connect two devices together.

Two Mini Jambox speakers together can offer more flexibility with your music and when viewing your movies.

First you can double the volume of your music when two speakers are grouped together for an even larger sound.

Jawbone's Mini Jambox speakers can be paired together thanks to a firmware update

Secondly, having two Jawbone Mini Jambox speakers together allows them to be set up as a stereo pair so you can clearly hear the left and right channels.

So if you and a friend both own a Jawbone Mini Jambox, you can bring them together and pair them up and control the music from your own smartphone and take turns playing your favourite songs from your own device.

To link the speakers all you need to do is press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Play buttons together and the speakers will look for each other and connect.

The Jawbone Mini Jawbox pairs wirelesly with your smartphone or tablet

The Mini Jambox uses LiveAudio Technology to enable a three-dimensional audio experience and truly separate the left and right channels of your music.

There are some LiveAudio demos you hear on the Jawbone site.

Onboard the device is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can run for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox Bluetooth speakers are available in a number of colours

There’s also a 3.5mm stereo input so you can physically connect your device.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox is available now in a number of colours – Red Dot, Silver Dot, Graphite Facet, Blue Diamond, Aqua Scales, Purple Snowflake, Yellow Dot, Orange Dot and Green Dot – and is priced at $229.99.

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