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Denon Exercise Freak – wireless fitness earphones review

exercisefreak3Respected audio company Denon is the latest company to cut the cord and create a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones called the Exercise Freak.

The in-ear headphones, as their name clearly points out, are designed to be used while you’re working out.

Studies have show that listening to music can improve your performance by up to 20 per cent so a product like Denon’s Exercise Freaks could well provide the edge you need.

They are sweatproof and designed to fit securely on your ears so they stay in place during your run or fitness session.

And of course not having a cable to get tangled up in also makes them an attractive exercise companion.

How many times have you accidentally ripped your corded pair of earphones out your ear when the cable catches on your arm while you’re running or in the gym?

That’s not an issue with the Denon Exercise Freak AH-W150.

When paired via Bluetooth to your device they can sit up to 10m metres from the source. In the gym your device can sit in your bag nearby, on the floor in the gym or on the treadmill.

The Denon Exercise Freak earphones are sweatproof and will stay in place while you're running or in the gym

In terms of design the Exercise Freaks are made from durable plastic which can handle your sweat unlike a pair of traditional earphones not optimised for exercise.

The device does look a little bit like two hearing aids connected by a single cord that goes behind your neck but a lot of bulk is hidden behind your ear anyway.

An extendable swivel arm allows users to position the silicone tip of the earphone to suit them.

In our testing we didn’t initially find the Exercise Freaks very comfortable at all. It took us a while to fit them over our ear and then find the right adjustment and for the ear tip.

We eventually got them into position and from then on they worked really well.

Even while we were running and in the gym, the Denon Exercise Freak stayed put.

The Denon Exercise Freak earphones fit over the ear and are cinnected with a single cord

But how do they sound? Clear, clean and crisp as a matter of fact. And there’s just the right amount of bass that adds to the music without overpowering it.

And the silicone tips also provide a noise cancelling seal. This seal actually worked too well because while it made us focus on the music – it also blocked a lot of outside noise – which is not ideal if you’re out running on the road.

Apart from cordless convenience there are also the controls to play, pause and navigate your music and also control the volume right on the headphones and at your fingertips.

And because it can be paired to your smartphone you can also make and receive calls on the device.

There’s a rechargeable battery onboard that can run for up to seven hours on a full charge.

Exercise Freak comes with a small zip up mesh bag that can hold the earphones when not in use along with the USB charge cable.

Denon's Exercise Freak earphones are available in blue, black and yellow

Denon also has an iPhone and Android app called Denon Sport which can also enhance your experience with the Exercise Freak.

The app can log your workouts, map your runs using GPS, track your pace and calorie consumption, view friends’ maps live and share your achievements online and on social networks.

The Denon Exercise Freak tick the boxes for users who want to hear their music on the go – wireless, durable and great sound. They are avaioable in blue, yellow and black.

Free yourself from cables and hit the road.

Denon Exercise Freak

Price: $179

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