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Denon DHT-S514 sound bar and wireless subwoofer review


denonsoundbar3TV’s are getting thinner but one thing that’s suffering is the sound quality but Denon’s new DHT-S514 can dramatically improve the audio experience.

Denon is a well-known brand that has produced high-quality audio products and it has brought that heritage to the expanding category of sound bars.

Denon’s sound bar also comes with a wireless subwoofer to add even more punch to the TV’s audio output.

The device also has Bluetooth onboard so users can wirelessly stream music from a compatible device like a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The DHT-S514 can fill a room with virtual surround sound to provide an audio experience that usually requires multiple speakers to produce.

Home theatre aficionados will always prefer to have dedicated speakers over a sound bar but the Denon sound bar certainly punches above its weight.

For users who want a product that’s simple to set up and that still produces an impressive sound, the Denon DHT-S514 ticks all the boxes.

The sound bar itself is a metre long and about 7.8cm wide and is designed to sit unobtrusively below your TV.

The Denon DHT-S514 sound bar can sit under your TV and enhance the audio quality

There are even small feet in two sizes so the bar can actually rest above the stand of the TV if it protrudes from under the front of the panel.

Another installation choice would be wall mounting to sit neatly below a wall-mounted TV.

The DHT-S514 has 175 watts of total system power for true high fidelity sound. Also on board are dual two inch by five-inch drivers for upper bass and midrange audio as well as clear output in the vocal range.

And then of course there’s the separate powered subwoofer which has dual 5.25-inch woofers that provide distortion-free bass. The subwoofer can be positioned upright or on its side.

Set up is fairly painless with the included HDMI cable to your TV. If your TV has an HDMI input with ARC (audio return channel) then it’s a snap.

It’s not a worry if it doesn’t because users can choose of one of two digital audio connections – both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs are included.

Either way it really is a plug and play solution that can be set up in minutes.

Having a second HDMI port would have expanded the options a little further but having just one is not a deal breaker and it does have an auto input switching.

Also included is a small remote that can not only control the device it can also control your TV.

It’s also possible to learn some of your TV remote’s functions so you can control everything with the single small remote.

The audio output is excellent and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Denon DHT-S514.

There’s no way we can watch our TV shows and sports without it now.

The Denon DHT-S514 sound bar also comes with a wireless subwoofer

Star Wars creator George Lucas once said – “sound is 50 per cent of the experience” and the Denon sound bar certainly does bring the audio side of our TV entertainment to an all-new enjoyable level.

But it’s not just sound pouring out of a speaker with the Denon DHT-S514.

The sound bar has onboard Dolby Digital and DTS decoding to deliver a virtual surround sound experience so viewers will hear sounds coming from parts of the room where there are no speakers.

And the subwoofer comes into play with a satisfying bass note that gives the sound even more authority.

But the Denon soundbar can also be used with the TV off if you just want to enjoy your music.

The Bluetooth music streaming on the Denon DHT-S514 frees your favourite songs from your laptop, smartphone or tablet and has the sort of quality you’d expect from a dedicated music system.


The Denon DHT-S514 sound bar is an excellent addition to your flatscreen TV that will bring the audio quality to a level that will truly enhance your viewing experience.

The system delivers an impressive home theatre performance for users who want to enjoy surround sound without having to go to the trouble of placing numerous speakers around the room.

And the addition of Bluetooth music streaming means the Denon DHT-S514 can meet all of your entertainment needs.

Denon DHT-S514 Sound Bar

Price: $999

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