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Denon AH-C120 Music Maniac in-ear headphones review

denonmusicmaniac3Denon is a well-known audio brand so we had high expectations when we got our hands – and ears – on the AH-C120 earphones. And we weren’t disappointed.

Best known for high quality home entertainment products, Denon has this time out shrunk its technology down and squeezed it into the earbuds of the AH-C120.

The earphones are part of the company’s Music Maniac series and are compact and well-designed.

The AH-C120’s 11.5mm drivers are housed in an aluminium-ABS hybrid material that’s designed to eliminate resonance of bass-enhanced music.

It also comes with a microphone and button on the cable which means the earphones can be with used with Android and Apple devices.

You can pause and navigate your music as well as make and answer calls but unfortunately there’s no way of controlling your volume without adjusting it on your device.

And to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone there also small, medium and large silicon ear tips.

The Denon AH-C120 Music Maniac in-ear headphones

But our favourite was the included Comply Foam TX-400M ear tips which are made out of similar material as ear plugs that can mould to your ear canal.

And when it does it not only forms a comfortable fit is also blocks out a lot of outside noise so all you can hear is your music.

And the audio side, Denon has excelled and delivered one of the better sounding earphones we’ve heard in this price range.

Sound registers clear as crystal at all levels with the lightest note and the deepest bass note handled with the same amount of care and quality.

Denon’s attention to detail and dedication to maintaining sound quality even goes as far as the type of cable used.

The Denon AH-C120 earbuds has silicone tips to ensure a comfortable fit

The AH-C120 has an oxygen-free cable with a Radial Cascade Damper design to reduce cable-transmitted vibration and noise when it rubs or bumps on your chest.

Included with the Denon in-ear headphones is a small hard case to keep them safe and secure when you’re not listening to them.

Also available for the iPhone and iPad and Android devices is the free Denon Audio app that’s designed to work with the Music Maniac earphones.

It brings even more features to the table like an equaliser with a number of presets and access to the world’s radio stations via the built-in TuneIn Radio app functionality.

Users can also share what music they’re listening to with Facebook and Twitter directly from the Denon Audio app.

The Denon AH-C120 Music Maniac in-ear headphones are available now and priced at $119.95.


Price: $119.95

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