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Bose AE2w Bluetooth wireless headphones review


boseae2w3Bose has created its first wireless set of headphones with the AE2w which can connect wirelessly to compatible devices using Bluetooth.

Bose has managed to maintain the audio quality and build quality it is famous for while at the same time doing away with the cord completely.

The AE2w Bluetooth headphones have a comfortable over the ear fit with leather cushion around the ear cups and on the headband.

And thanks to the Bluetooth module on the left earcup there is no cable that can get in your way. You’re not tied down, there are no tangles and no mess.

In fact you can stay connected to the music from your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or computer and move freely up to about 10m away.

The Bose AE2w Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets and computers

And it’s possible to connect two devices simultaneously to the AE2w headphones thanks to the onboard multipoint technology.

When paired to an iPhone or an iPad a small indicator appears at the top of the screen to clearly indicate the battery level.

Apart from wireless convenience the AE2w offers the same audio quality you’d find on the regular AE2 headphones thanks to Bose’s exclusive Triport technology to offer the complete range of sound.

An added benefit of the Bluetooth module is active equalisation that steps the audio up to the next level whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie.

The Bluetooth module on the AE2w headphone can be removed and replaced with a cord to physically connect to your devices

There are also controls on the module that can easily adjust the volume and a multifunction button allows listeners to navigate their music.

We found the multifunction button got a little bit sticky so trying to click it twice to the go to the next track proved to be a little difficult at first.

And if you’re using the AE2w while it is paired to your smartphone you can even make and receive calls through the headphones and Bluetooth module’s built-in microphone.

Now while the Bluetooth module on the left ear provides the handy wireless connectivity it does look a little chunky and throws the while look of the headphones slightly out balance.

The module is actually removable and reveals a jack where the included cable fits perfectly in the event the user wanted to use the AE2w like a regular pair of corded headphones.

The Bose AE2w headphones is the first wireless headphone produced by the company

This is an option if the headphones’ Bluetooth module’s rechargeable battery runs out of power.

The other included cable is USB and can be used to charge the module so it’s ready for the next time you wanted wireless operation.

The Bose AE2w with Bluetooth might be the company’s first attempt at wireless headphones but they’ve managed to add the wireless convenience without compromising the audio quality.

That’s easily earned the product a pass mark in our books.

The Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphones are available now and are priced at $299.

Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphone

Price: $299

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