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Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones review – quality, value and great battery life


The Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear headphones offer remarkable quality and value with a long battery life that will keep you listening all day.

Australian brand Audiofly has just released the AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear headphones which deliver an impressive sound, a comfortable design for extended wear and a long battery life.

The Perth-based company has delivered an impressive product which might have an unusual design for wire-free earphones but they’ve got plenty of technology under the hood to make them worthy of your consideration.

And with a price tag under $200, the Audiofly AFT2 will win plenty of fans.

The AFT2 earphones include finely-tuned 6mm dynamic drivers with the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chipset to ensure a solid connection to your mobile device.

On the design side, the Audiofly ATF2 True Wireless In-Ear headphones look nothing like other wire-free earphones on the market.

They are actually based on the custom in-ear monitors used by professional musicians.

But they still fit comfortably when twisted into place and also help to reduce outside noise the way they sit in your ear.

The included silicon tips offers a secure fit and some passive noise cancellation.

But you can still hear things going on around you if you’re walking in the street or out exercising.

Audio-wise, the Audiofly AFT2 sound punches above its weight with quality you’d expect to hear on more expensive earphones.

And while these don’t have the clarity and purity of Sennheiser or Bose earphones that are twice the price, they can still easily hold their own in this price range.

We also liked the bass response of the AFT2 which added plenty of punch to our listening.

They are also quite clear when it comes to making and receiving voice calls thanks to the Qualcomm cVc (ClearVoice Capture) Noise Cancellation Technology which can isolate your voice from the outside conditions.

For our review we deliberately went outside in windy conditions to make calls and we were told we could still be heard quite clearly.

And if you’re outside in the rain as well with the Audiofly AFT2 you have nothing to worry about because of the IPX5 water resistance rating.

The battery life is also exceptional with up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge.

And that doesn’t include the case which adds another 25 hours of power for a total of a remarkable 35 hours.

The tubular case has flat ends and has a slide out drawer so you can insert the earphones to charge.

The case is bigger than a regular charging case but the long narrower shape make them easy to pocket.

What might be seen as a downside by some is the lack of a companion app but we like the ease and simplicity of direct pairing.

We were also pretty satisfied with the sound so having an app with an equaliser that doesn’t change the sound very much didn’t change our opinion of the AudioFly AFT2.

The Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear headphones are priced at $199 and are available in Gum Leaf, Sunset, Sand and Granite.


The Audiofly AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear headphones offer remarkable quality and value with a long battery life that will keep you listening all day.