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Arlo wire-free security camera review – peace of mind and with no cables at all

When it comes to wireless security cameras there is no shortage of options but there’s only one that’s totally wirefree and that’s the Arlo from Netgear which lets you keep an eye on things from anywhere.

The small cameras that are a part of the Arlo system are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

And while most security camera claim to be wireless – meaning they can link to your network wirelessly – but they still need to be connected with a cable to a power point.

That’s not the case with Arlo which is why it is not only wireless but also wire-free because each of the cameras are powered by batteries which will last between three and six months before they need replacing.


This is ideal for this type of product considering they will be placed high up in the corner of a room, under an eave or looking in towards your property.

So there’s no limit on where you can place the Arlo cameras so you can watch your home, your office, your kids, yours pets, elderly relatives or your holiday home.

They’re even weatherproof so you don’t have to pay extra for the outdoor version – the camera works inside and out – and provides 720p high definition quality video with a 130 degree field of vision day and night.


What also makes them easy to install is the magnetic mounting system. Each camera comes with a semi-spherical attachment that can be placed on the wall and held in place with either a supplied screw or strong double-sided tape.

Once that’s installed, the Arlo camera attaches magnetically and can still be aimed in any direction. The camera can also attach on its own to any metal surface like a fence, a gutter or on your fridge.

And, unlike regular security cameras, the Arlo can be moved around to suit your needs. For example, the camera you use to watch your front door when you’re not home might be used as a video baby monitor at other times.


And to match the Arlo camera’s ease of use, the actual connection to your wireless network is equally simple.

The system comes with its own small router that connects to your regular router with a cable.

Connecting the cameras to your wireless networks is as simple as pressing a button on the Arlo router and a button on each of the cameras. That’s it.

Now you can download the free Arlo app and see exactly what your camera sees from anywhere in the world wherever your device can connect to the internet.

Once you’re connected you can then decide how you want to view the cameras. You can log in at any time to see the live feed or you can set the camera to film only if motion is detected.


For the latter option you can set up the system to receive a notification – either a message or an email – whenever movement is detected. From that notification will be a link view the footage which is stored in the cloud.

Users can receive up to seven days of free cloud storage where you stream your recordings to the Arlo smartphone app. If you need more storage you’ll need to pay a small fee to get more space and access to more features.

It’s possible to set the cameras to keep an eye our for movement on certain days and at certain times so you can adjust it to suit when your home and when you’re out.

For our review we set the cameras up within 10 minutes and then took another few minutes to set up our notifications. If you have these on all the time for all of your cameras – the notifications will get annoying.

So it’s worth taking the time to set them up for your own needs. And when installing outside again you need to be careful where you place them because outside movements like pets and cars will trigger a movement notification.

The camera we used to keep an eye on our two Dalmatians was set so that I could view a live feed when I felt like it rather than being notified with every movement.


On the battery side – each camera should run for up to six months especially if they are in movement detection mode which means they’re only working and using power when they detect movement.

The only point against the Arlo is that it’s a closed system and, at this point, it will only work on its own and not integrate with other smart home, internet of things solution.

But even as a standalone system the Arlo is head and shoulders above the rest thanks to it wire-free set up and easy installation.


Netgear’s Arlo is an excellent wireless and wirefree security camera system that you can have up and running within minutes.

The fact that it doesn’t require external power and can work inside out day and night sets it apart from the competition.

 ARLO single pack ($349); 2-camera pack ($589);  3-camera pack $799. Single Arlo camera $249