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Wunderlist app can help you organise your life

wunderlistIf you need to help to get your life organised then a free app called Wunderlist could be just the solution to keep you on track.

The app – developed by Wunderkinder headquartered in Berlin – is a cloud-sync task manager that runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Once a user sets up an account they can create to-do lists which are synced across all of your devices running the Wunderlist app and also on the Wunderlist website.

These task lists can also be shared with friends and family if you are collaborating on a task or just want to stay up to date with each other’s day.

The Wunderlist app lets you share to-do lists with family and friends

For example a husband and wife can set up a list to help co-ordinate the tasks they need to be completed between them thanks to the cloud sync.

Push notifications and email reminders can remind you when tasks are due to be completed and make sure they haven’t slipped your mind.

Users can also email tasks to their Wundelist app

Mail2Task is a feature of Wunderlist which allows users to send tasks to their lists by email.

Once within the Wunderlist app, it’s easy to organise your tasks and prioritise the more important items on your list.

And there are push notifications to always remind when tasks are due or overdue

There’s even a filter to allow you to focus just on your more urgent or significant tasks and also a note function to add even more details to the jobs which need to be completed.

You can also see at a glance to see how many tasks are due or overdue with the app badge notifications and it’s also possible to personalise your Wunderlist experience with a number of included wallpapers.

Wunderlist is available now for free on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

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