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Woolworths app can organise your grocery shopping

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Heading to the supermarket is not something everyone enjoys but a new Woolworths iPhone app offers a new and efficient way to do your grocery shopping.

The free app can help organise your shopping list and find your nearest Woolworths supermarket via GPS and also save a preferred store.

And the app can even organise your shopping list based on the aisle configuration of your selected Woolworths supermarket. 

“We want to offer our customers a practical and easy-to-use solution that will help improve their in-store experience and allow them to shop more efficiently,” says Woolworths innovation program manager Has Fakira.

Here are the main features of the free Woolworth iPhone app:

Store finder: Simply enter your postcode and the iPhone’s built-in GPS will list the nearest Woolworths supermarket and what facilities each store offers. It’s also possible to set a store as a favourite.

The Woolworths app lets users add to their list using the barcode scanner

Specials: If you are already a Everyday Rewards member you can access specials and fuel vouchers through the app. All users will also be able to view the weekly catalogue specials as well.

Shopping list: Throw out that pad and pen – you can create and edit your shopping list using the app which lets you browse products by name or category.  And the app will also organise your list in the order to suit to aisle configuration of your selected Woolworths supermarket.

The Woolworths app also offers weekly specials

Barcode scanner: Another easy way to add to the shopping list is by using the app’s barcode scanner. You can head to the pantry and pick out the products you want to replace and scan the barcode to add it to your list.

Recipes: There are more than 800 recipes on the Woolworths apps as well. If a recipe catches your eye it’s easy to add the ingredients to your shopping list. There are also step by step instructions to create the dish.

The Woolworth app is available now for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. It is free in the Apple App Store.

Users can also organise their shopping list based on the aisle configuration of your selected store