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Westpac launches Mobile Banking for iPad app


westpacthumbWestpac has introduced an all-new form of mobile banking with an innovative new iPad application that truly utilises the device’s advanced features.

Westpac Mobile Banking for iPad is a free app that removes the usual drop down menus and adopts a drag and drop approach using the tablet’s touchscreen.

Customers can use the drag and drop method if they want to transfer funds from one account to another, pay anyone or complete a BPAY transaction.

Westpac’s new app allows customers to view account balances, view the last 100 days of transactions and transfer money between Westpac accounts.

Users can also send money to friends and family, pay bills using BPAY, create scheduled payments, email details after a payment transaction and instantly reset your password using a Westpac SMS code.

The Westpac Mobile Banking for iPad allows user to drag and drop their transactions on the iPad's touchscreen

It’s also possible to switch between personal and business accounts while all transactions made using the Westpac Mobile Banking for iPad is covered by Westpac’s security guarantee.

It took 80 months for online banking to be used by more than 1 million Westpac customers while mobile banking only took 30 months to reach that figure.

Westpac predicts tablets devices like the iPad will accelerate this growth even more and also gives customers even more mobile banking options.

“We have seen extraordinary growth in the popularity of mobile banking and our customers are craving more digital solutions that move beyond traditional banking services,” says Jason Yetton, Westpac group executive, Retail and Business Banking.

The Westpac Mobile Banking App for iPad makes it easy to make payments

“With the anticipated introduction of less expensive tablets, it is forecast that by 2016 one in two Australians will own one of these devices.

“This is dramatically changing the face of banking. Westpac has embraced this change and will continue to do so as we look forward to being part of our customers’ digital world, today and everyday.”

The Westpac Mobile Banking App for iPad is available now and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

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