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VoiceByte social audio app is now available on Android

voicebytenewversion3VoiceByte, the social audio app co-created by Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech, is now available in the Google Play Store to download for Android users.

Your voice is a powerful instrument and, unlike text, can convey emotion and authenticity.

The Android version of VoiceByte brings all of the features that can be found in the original iOS version released last year.

Now Android users can record and share 15 seconds of audio and attach a photo and a link and share it to their Facebook and Twitter audiences.

It’s also possible to share private messages to one person or a group of people of your choosing.

VoiceByte is now available for Android users

And within the VoiceByte app they can reply using their voice as well for truly effortless messaging.

When users download the app for the first time it is easy to find friends and celebrities who are already using VoiceByte.

It’s also possible to invite friends and family to join in the fun either by text message or email from within the app with a link to both the Android and iOS versions of VoiceByte.

The most recent feature to be added to VoiceByte has been the ability to add a link to your audio.

VoiceByte is available for Android and allows users to record and share their voice privately or on social media

Your listeners can hear your voice and also follow your link as well.

VoiceByte is already being used by musicians, comedians, politicians, sporting teams, sporting stadiums and journalists.

Radio stations have also used VoiceByte to gather audio content for broadcast.

VoiceByte is available now and is a free download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

* Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech is also the co-founder of VoiceByte

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