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VoiceByte app introduces private messaging with latest version


voicebytenewversion3VoiceByte, the app that lets you record and share your voice on social networks, has had its most significant update yet with the addition of private and group messaging.

Developed by Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and his brother Michael, VoiceByte has now added a whole new dimension with version 1.2 that has the potential to re-invent the way we message our family and friends.

Users can still record and share their voice and add an image and share it on VoiceByte and on Facebook and Twitter.

But now you have the choice of sending these 15-second recordings and attached pictures to one person or the group of people of your choice.

When this option is selected the recorder screen will slide across to reveal all of the VoiceByte users you are listening to. They must also be listening to you to share private messages with them.

They can also reply privately to you as well.

The latest version of the VoiceByte app allows users to send private and group messages

These messages are then collected in a private area of the app called the VoiceBox – here you can see all of your private or group messages.

And if any of your friends haven’t downloaded VoiceByte yet you can invite them from the broadcast screen.

Simply press the icon in the top right corner to reveal your contact list.

From here you can pick a name and a number or email address from that contact to send a generic SMS or email to invite them to download VoiceByte.

The VoiceByte record screen now includes a third icon on the right to create a private message. You can still publicly broadcast to Facebook or Twitter as well

Now you can say it instead of type it and reply instantly with your voice. It’s effortless messaging that’s fun and convenient.

VoiceByte is available for iPhone now and is coming soon for Android.

You can download VoiceByte here.

* Stephen Fenech is the co-founder of VoiceByte as well as the editor of Tech Guide.

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