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Trend Micro Mobile Security app can protect your Android and iOS devices


mobilesecurity1Your smartphone now needs as much protection as your computer and Trend Micro has a new app that can guard your Android or iOS devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a multi-platform app that can be used with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The amount of malware aimed at smartphones, especially Android devices, has dramatically increased in the last two years. And it will only continue to rise.

When you consider we are using our smartphones for things like shopping and banking as well as storing lots of sensitive information it makes sense to protect the device.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android performs quite a few functions to keep your device secure.

Trend Micro Mobile Security works on tablets and smartphones

These include a Virus Scanner to ensure none of your apps contain malicious software along with a Malware Cleaner that can remove threats and restore your smartphone back to normal settings.

Also on board is a Data Theft Scanner that can give users a heads up about any of their apps that could potentially steal their information plus SafeSurfing to avoid websites that may be serving malicious code or trying to collect your data.

Trend Micro Mobile Security can also block calls and texts as well as scan your Facebook page to ensure none of the links on your feed will take you somewhere dangerous.

For users on either the iOS or Android version, they can also back up and restore their device using the app so your contacts, photos, videos, music, calendar and even call history and texts.

The iOS version doesn’t have the virus scanner, malware cleaner or data theft scanner because the App Store is strictly controlled with apps requiring testing and approval before being offered to iPhone and iPad users.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is available now for Android and iOS

But it does have SafeSurfing, Facebook Scan and Lost Device Protection.

The iOS version also has its own browser that can identify sites that may put your iPhone or iPad at risk.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android and iOS is available now as free trial versions with full versions priced at $29.95.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is also available as part of Trend Micro’s Maximum Security Suite which starts at $69.95.

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