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Tom Hanks creates app to turn your iPad into a manual typewriter


hanxwriter5Remember those old noisy typewriters? Hollywood star Tom Hanks does and he’s created a new iPad app that recreates the experience of a manual typewriter.

Hanx Writer is free and makes your iPad look and sound like a clunky typewriter complete with a fresh sheet of paper in the roller.

With modern keyboards and typing on touchscreen devices now the norm, the Hanx Writer lets writers take a trip down memory lane.

As you’re typing you can see the keys being depressed and the levers coming up and hitting the page.

Hanx Writer gives your iPad the look and feel of a manual typewriter

Users are given one manual typewriter for free in the app – the Hanx Prime Select – and have the option of purchasing two others – the Hanx 707 and the Hanx Golden Touch.

Each typewriter has its own subtleties and characteristics and its own unique features.

If users want to go really old school they have the option of turning off modern features like the delete key and the cursor.

You can connect your own Bluetooth keybaord and even opt to turn off modern features like the Delete key and the cursor

Without the delete key of the modern word processor you have to go back and strike the wrong letters or words out with some Xs like we used to.

Users can either use the onscreen keyboard or pair a Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad so all you see is the paper, the ribbon and letters hitting the page.

Within the Hanx Writer app you can manage and share your documents as well as print them out so they look like they just came out of a typewriter.

Hanx Writer users can also download other typewriters as an in-app purchase

Now all you have to do it start writing.

Hanx Writer – created by two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks – is free and is available now in the App Store for the iPad.

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