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Optus MeTV can be controlled with new iPhone app

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The recent Optus launch of internet TV service MeTV has been followed up by a free iPhone and iPad app which can control the whole viewing experience.

At the heart of the service is a set top box to watch and record high definition free to air channels and access internet content and movies.

But now with the Optus MeTV app, users can change the channel, view the electronic programme guide and set all of their recordings.  

Just like the MeTV set top box, the app connects to your home’s network so set-up is quick and easy.


Once completed users are able to change the channel through MeTV and even adjust the volume on their TV.

The Optus MeTV set top box

The EPG (electronic program guide) can be viewed in two ways.

Here’s Tech Guide’s original story about the new Optus MeTV service

The MeTV app's Smart Channel ChangerThe MeTV app allows users to browse and order on-demand content The first is a smart channel changer and features list of all the programs on right now with their names and the next two shows coming up on each channel.

The other is a TV Guide which shows what’s on for the next week so you can easily plan your viewing and recordings.

The app will also allow customers to set their recordings either from in front of the TV or remotely when you’re out and about.

The app also lets users browse the programs they’ve already recorded.

One tap on the iPhone or iPad’s screen and it plays instantly on your MeTV-connected television.

A virtual version of the MeTV remote control can also be accessed through the app to control your viewing.

With the MeTV app viewers can also browse on-demand content and rent a movie.

The Optus MeTV app is free and available from the App Store.

An Android version of the app will be released in early 2012.

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