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NRL and Telstra launch official final series app

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The rugby league semi finals are here and the NRL and Telstra are kicking it off with the first official finals iPad app for a major football code.

The Telstra Premiership NRL Finals Series 2011 Official Guide will give league fans a front row seat to the excitement with exclusive news and video content.

A new edition of the guide will be available to download for free within the app for the duration of the final series.  

This excellent app is well-designed to be easily navigated on the iPad with in-depth stories, head-to-head player comparisons and a look back at how top eight sides made it into the finals.

There’s also a handy guide to help fans understand how the McIntyre Final 8 system works and the possible outcomes.

There are embedded videos built into various parts of the app so there is as much watching as there is reading with the Telstra Premiership NRL Finals Series 2011 Official Guide app.

The Telstra NRL Official Final Series app is packed with previews, videos and information

Also included are reports on the players to watch and detailed previews for each of the four matches.

There’s even a report from the refs and what the men with the whistle will be looking out for including being onside at the kick off and making sure scrums are bound properly.

You can also read columns by league legend Peter Sterling and stats man David Middleton.

The Telstra Premiership NRL Finals Series 2011 Official Guide app is free and available to download from the iTunes App Store now.

The free app has a detailed preview of every finals match