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Man catches cheating wife with Find My Friends app

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Apple’s new free app Find My Friends makes it easy to locate your friends and family on a map using an iPhone or iPad.

The app, which has many uses and privacy control, can help users locate their friends in a crowd and parents can make sure your child arrived safely at school.

But Find My Friends has already claimed its first victim with news a New York man used the app to catch his wife having an affair. He’s now filing for divorce.  

People can use their iCloud Apple ID to sign in to the Find My Friends app and invite friends to use it as well.

Friends can send and receive an invitations to the app and have full control over whether they want to reveal their location.

There are number of security and privacy features built into the including password protection and the ability to hide your location from other followers.

There are a number of uses for the app and keeping track of friends and family in crowded places and for parents to keep an eye on their kids whereabouts.

The Find My Friends app on the iPhone. The app also works on the iPad

There are parental controls so the app, when installed on a child’s device, cannot be switched off.

It’s handy if a parent wants to see if their child has arrived or left school.

Find My Friends can also end the need for announcements over the PA system in large shopping centres or other crowded areas about lost children.

It’s also possible to set temporary sharing options which hide your location again after a designated time.

A suspicious husband, identified as ThomasMetz on the MacRumors Forum page, caught his wife having affair with the help of Find My Friends.

He said he bought his wife a new iPhone 4S and loaded the Find My Friends app and activated it without her knowledge.

The man has his suspicions about his wife cheating on him and found she told him she was in a completely different part of Manhattan when he could see was actually on 10th St.

The man said he is now seeking a divorce.

The app is available now for free at the Apple App Store.

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