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Mailbox is an email alternative for your iPhone – but get in line

mailboxthumbMailbox – the new email alternative for iPhone – is available now but you’ll have to reserve a space in a queue before you can get your hands on it.

The new Mailbox makes managing your inbox even easier and has been in beta testing for months and already created quite a buzz.

Users can actually download the app today but this is like taking a number in a deli – you have to wait your turn until you get to use it.

The Mailbox app automatically puts you in a queue and tells you how many people are in front of you as well as how many people are behind you.

The reason for this, according to Orchestra the app’s creators, is to add people gradually to Mailbox to ensure the servers can handle the load.

The reason for Mailbox’s popularity is its ability to manage your email inbox and the tasks associated with them rather than separating them into different apps.

The Mailbox inbox allows users to swipe to archive or delete

The Mailbox inbox has a swipe system – swipe to archive or swipe to delete.

Users can also clear their inbox by putting messages off until later. Instead of staring at an overflowing inbox and emails that you can’t deal with right now you can schedule them to be read and actioned later.

Mailbox lets users schedule their emails to be read later rather than cloggin up their inbox

Mailbox checks your emails from the cloud and pushes notifications to users to make downloading your emails even faster.

But don’t hold your breath while you’re waiting for Mailbox – anyone downloading the Mailbox app today will have more than 360,000 people ahead of them.

After you download the Mailbox app you are placed in a queue

In the months and weeks ahead Mailbox will offer instant access to users but, for now, it’s taking a measured approach to ensure it doesn’t overload its cloud servers.

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