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List items to sell in 60 seconds with new eBay app

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Until now the eBay app on your iPhone was just for browsing and buying items but a recent update has changed all that.

Not only can the new eBay iPhone 2.1 app now allow members to list items for sale it can provide a way for them to put them up for sale on the world’s largest online marketplace in less than a minute.

The app’s makeover includes the addition of RedLaser barcode scanning technology.  

This turns the iPhone’s camera to a barcode scanner which can be used in a couple of ways with the updated eBay app.

Rather than list items manually, users can scan the barcode on whatever it is they are selling , if it has one, and fill in most of the necessary information automatically.

Items can be listed in a minute or less with the new eBay iPhone appThe “Sell One Like This” feature, already a fixture on the eBay website, can also be used on the eBay iPhone 2.1 app and it constructs a listing using the information of an identical listed item.

What also helps put up items to sell even faster is the ability to take pictures of the item with the iPhone’s camera and use them in the listing.

The barcode in the eBay app can also be used even when you’re out shopping.

If a user spots something they want to buy, they can scan the barcode scanner on the eBay iPhone app and see how much the same product is selling for on eBay.

“During 2010, there was a rapid increase in the number of people using their mobile phones to shop, with 5-10 per cent of Australian iPhone owners logging in to their eBay app every day,” says eBay Australia spokesperson Jenny Thomas.

“Now with selling functionality, users will easily be able to sell an item on eBay in order to fund the purchase of their next great bargain.”

Other features of the eBay iPhone 2.1 app includes:

My eBay Quick View: Allows for instant watching, buying and selling updates.

Instant access to the Big Deal: A new way to quickly access the latest deals on eBay.

Greater Selections: Using the app people can now easily view variations of an items like different sizes and colours.

Saved Searches: Rather than typing the same item every time the app is used it is now possible create, update and customise searches on the go.

Push Alerts: A handy new feature which will notify users when a listing is ended or if they have been outbid.

Reminders: Users can now create a list of things which need to be done for active purchases and sales.

Since the eBay iPhone app was introduced in 2008 it has been downloaded more than 30 million times around the world in 190 countries.

According to Pure Profile Research almost 25 per cent of Australians use their mobiles to shop.

The eBay app for iPhone is a free download at the App Store. Existing users should check for updates to obtain the latest version.

eBay users will have a set of reminders on the new iPhone app