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iPlantFile Pro app is a gardener’s best friend

iplantthumbgardening app

If you love gardening and want the virtual equivalent of a green thumb then check out a new app called iPlantFile Pro.

The iPhone app is like a gardening encyclopaedia in your pocket with a database of more than 9000 commonly grown plants and more than 14000 pictures.

It is suitable for everyone from the home gardener and student to the professional horticulturist.  

If you’d like to know what to plant and when to plant it, the iPlantFile Pro app can help.

The app’s interface is simple to navigate and has been written in plain English that’s easy to understand.

The iPlantFile Pro is easy to navigateiPlantFile Pro has a visual browser


The information contained within iPlantFile Pro is the result of 15 years of research that has previously been only available on a CD and on the iPlantFile online database.

Now the app can put that information in your pocket and in your hand when you need it most when you’re actually out in the garden.

iPlantFile Pro allows users to sort, identify and list relevant plants with all botanic names spelt phonetically or pronounced with a real voice through the app.

The visual browser makes it easy to scroll through with detailed photographs showing the growth habit of the mature plant.

All of the information provides on the plants is both relevant and practical.

There is also relevant pest and disease information listed with each plant entry along with a botanic dictionary and pictorial glossary on all botanic terms.

iPlantFile Pro covers plants from all over the world but the app can determine the best flower, fruiting and planting periods for your area by using the iPhone’s GPS to pinpoint your location.

It’s also possible to create lists of plants for the next time you visit to the nursery which can also be shared via email and even on Facebook and Twitter.

iPlant File Pro is priced at $9.49 on the iTunes App Store and is a practical tool for professionals and home gardeners alike.

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