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Guardian app sets boundaries for child’s mobile use


guardianappthumbIf you’re a parent struggling to curb your child’s mobile phone use, the new Vodafone Guardian Android app will allow greater control of how and when their device is used.

The new app is free to download for Android smartphones and can set time and usage limits agreed on by the child and the parent.

The Vodafone Guardian app can be used by all Android smartphones, regardless of whether they are Vodafone customers or not.

Connecting with friends and to the internet is second nature to children but, in many cases, excess usage has had an impact on school work and relationships with families and friends.

Another goal for the app is to address the growing problem of cyber bullying. The app has a feature which can allow the child to block text messages from individual numbers and place them in a password-protected archive.

When users download the app there is a master password – set by the parent – set up to control the settings.

The Vodafone Guardian Android App lets you set restrictions on the way a child uses the smartphone

From here parents can set times of the day when they can make and receive calls, text messages and connect to the internet.

Calls can also be barred from numbers that are not already listed on the device’s contact list. This means the device can be set using the app to only accept calls from family and friends.

Parents can also use the app to decide what times of the day or night they can access apps and games. Individual apps can also be selected for restriction.

Vodafone's Guardian Android App can be used to limit when SMS messages can be sent and received

Vodafone Guardian app can also allow parents to decide to allow use of Bluetooth, wi-fi, the device’s camera and the browser.

It’s also possible to restrict access to the smartphone’s settings and whether the child can add and remove apps.

A cost-saving benefit of the Guardian App is the ability to unsubscribe from the premium rate text messages and numbers.

Of course one of the reasons parents give their child a mobile to use in the first place is to give them a way of contacting them in an emergency.

Users can control the use of various features of their child's smartphone with the Vodafone Guardian Android App

The Vodafone Guardian app has an emergency override function which lifts all restrictions for 15 minutes in case they need to make an emergency call.

After 15 minutes, the restrictions on the device resume.

The Vodafone Guardian Android app is available now from the Google Play store (formerly the Android Market) and can be used on all Android smartphones no matter what network they are using.

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