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Free iPhone app can find the nearest taxi on a map

gocatchthumbtaxi finder app

It’s always frustrating when you can’t find a cab but a new free iPhone app can put an end to that by bringing passengers and taxi drivers together.

The goCatch app allows drivers and passengers to see each other on a map in real time to make it easier to bring them together.

Drivers are notified through their iPhone when jobs become available while passengers can see exactly where their taxi is on a map as it approaches.  

Passengers can even rate their taxi driver and share it with their friends.

The  goCatch app was developed by two Sydney entrepreneurs – Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield – using prizemoney they won from two innovation competitions.

goCatch lets users see the available taxis on a map and make a booking. Drivers can also see waiting passengers“goCatch connects drivers and customers without the middle-man,” says Campbell.

“It means no waiting in queues or wandering the streets looking for a cab with a light on.”

Co-developer Andrew Campbell says the app provides clear benefits for drivers and passengers alike.

“We designed the app with passengers in-mind. After we spoke to hundreds of taxi drivers though, we realised the importance of reducing unproductive time on the road,” he said.

“They work long hours and have no guarantee of a minimum wage. We’re proud to have created something that will contribute to making their industry fairer and more efficient.”

goCatch is evolving quickly according to co-developer Ned Moorfield.

“You’ll be able to choose favourite drivers and send bookings to those drivers you know and trust. It’ll help build loyalty for drivers who offer exceptional service,” he said.

“The more people using the app – drivers and passengers – the better it works, so we’re encouraging everybody to spread the word.”

The app has already received an endorsement from the NSW Taxi Driver’s Association president Anne Turner.

“goCatch empowers taxi drivers and puts control of their jobs directly into their hands,” she said.

goCatch is a free download from the iTunes App Store for the iPhone.

BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone 7 versions will be available soon.

 Users can book a taxi directly through the goCatch app and watch it approaching on a map