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Facebook iPhone/iPad app gets faster after update


facebook-iconAnyone using the Facebook app on their iPhone or iPad may have noticed how slow it can be but a major update released today has provided a dramatic improvement.

The Facebook app is the most installed iOS app in the world and today’s update has noticeably improved the speed and performance across the board.

In fact, according to Facebook, the app is twice as fast as the previous version.

The app now loads faster and also refreshes a lot quicker as well.

Scrolling through your news feed was sometimes frustrating and didn’t always keep up with our finger on the screen.

But with the update this problem has also been addressed.

Another part of the app that used to work at a snail’s pace is opening images to view full size.

Before today’s updates users spent a lot of time looking at the loading symbol until the picture finally opened up.

With the updated Facebook app images now open almost instantly.

To install the Facebook update on iOS open the App Store and click on the Updates icon in the bottom right corner.

Facebook for iOS should be listed as one of your updates.

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