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Facebook Home turns your Android device into a social phone

facebook-small-logoFacebook has introduced a new user interface to turn your Android smartphone into a social device that delivers an experience around people instead of apps and tasks.

Facebook Home puts a social skin on your device to give Facebook an even deeper integration into your device.

It is not a new operating system but a family of Facebook apps that work together for a deeper integration on the Android platform.

It all starts right at the lock and home screen that will now give you direct access to what your friends are up to right from your Facebook news feed as soon as you unlock or turn on your phone.

Now instead of going to look for the latest Facebook updates – they come to you.

Facebook Home will also allow friends to chat even when you’re using other apps on your Android device.

The new Facebook Home features for your Android device

Facebook messages get through to you even when you’re doing other things on your device like browsing the web or listening to music.

Facebook notifications will also appear on your home screen along with the profile picture of the person who generated that content.

And to access them directly you simply tap it on your home screen or swipe to hide them until you’re ready to look at them.

Facebook Home also allows users to include their favourite apps to give them quicker access from the platform’s launcher.

From April 12, Facebook Home will be available as a download from the Google Play Store and will work with the HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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