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DogyTales is a social networking app for your dog


dogytales5We’ve all heard about social networking for human – but how about one for dogs? That’s exactly what an Australian duo has created with DogyTales.

Developed Peter Leslie and Todd Davies in Melbourne, DogyTales is a free iOS and Android app that will appeal to dog owners who are looking for playmates for their pets.

Owners create a profile for their dog complete with a picture and description.

Apart from finding dogs for your pooch to play with, the app can also help you discover local dog-friendly parks whether you’re in your own area or visiting another.

Having this connectivity with the community of dog owners allows people to share information, post warnings and safety information and also create an alert of a dog is lost.

DogyTales is a social network for dogs

The app’s built-in GPS capability also makes it easy to find dog-friendly businesses and services near your location along with details about facilities like shade, fencing and water.

It also possibly to create your private and public events with DogyTales as well as discuss issues and ask for advice from the app’s community of dog lovers.

Users can create a profile for their pooch on the DogyTales app

“The App was created as a result of years of painstakingly watching my mother scroll through the Yellow Pages and making countless phone calls searching for accommodation that would accept her beloved Chi Chi ”, said creator Todd Davies.

“Even though the Internet has increased the accuracy of this type of information, it is often outdated and relies on data to be collated and updated. We are simply allowing users to deal directly with dog related services, wherever they are.”

DogyTales can also help users locate dog-friendly businesses and services in their area

The DogyTales app is free and is available now from the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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