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Disckreet app ensures your intimate pictures don’t fall into the wrong hands

Some couples like to spice up their most intimate encounters by reach for their smartphones to capture the moment. But the risk is these photos and videos might fall into the wrong hands.

A new iOS app called Disckreet can now give couples peace of mind to ensure they will be the only people who can see them.

We’ve heard all the horror stories about family and friends finding these images on smartphone and devices being lost with these images on board.

Worse still is if your partner decides to show their friends or share it on the internet.

Disckreet give couples peace of mind their intimate images will be safe

Disckreet can put your mind at ease and ensure all of these above scenarios would be impossible with this new app.

The key feature of Disckreet is that both you and your partner need to log in with your own passcodes to have access to the images and videos.

Access will not be given unless both passcodes have been entered. It’s a little bit like a safety deposit box in a bank that needs two keys to open it.

Disckreet protects your intimate images with two passcodes

All of your personal content is stored on your iPhone or iPad securely. They are never uploaded anywhere and will always remain encrypted on your device.

Even if your device is lost or being used by someone else, they won’t be able to see your files.

There have been cases in the past when a relationship ends and one of the partners decides to get back at their former lover by posting compromising images online.

With Disckreet that would never be the case.

If you’ve wanted to take some intimate shots but have been worried the images and videos will get out, the Disckreet app can give you peace of mind they can only be seen by you and your partner.

The Disckreet app for iOS is available now for $1.29.