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Confess your sins to your iPad


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They say there’s an app for everything – including one that allows users to confess their sins.

Confession: A Roman Catholic App can be used on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Users enter their name, age and sex to create a profile and then enter how long it’s been since their last confession – basically the same steps one would take if you’re sitting in an actual church confessional.

Stephen Fenech talks about iPad Confession on Kerri-Anne’s show.

When it comes time to list your sins you type them out on the device and a customised examination of conscience is presented depending on the user’s age and profile.

These examinations are centred on The Ten Commandments and were written by two priests.

Confession was developed by brothers Patrick and Chip Leinen and their friend Ryan Krieger in South Bend, Indiana.

“The app is really built for two kinds of people,” Kreager says.

The Confession app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch“For Catholics who go to confession regularly, it gives the user information. They enter their name, age, their sex, their vocation and their last confession date, and it generates an examination of conscience based on that information.

“It’s also for people who’ve been away from the church and want the opportunity to go to confession,” he told Today’s Catholic, newspaper of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese.

The app is password protected and that once you’ve completed the confession all of that information is wiped out when you close the app.