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CommBank launches three new mobile banking innovations


commbankcardless4Commonwealth Bank has introduced new mobile banking and payment innovations that offer customers even more control over their finances.

Three new products were introduced – two are Australian firsts – Cardless Cash and Lock and Limit as well as the CommBank Small Business App.

Mobility has become a priority for the Commonwealth Bank to allow on-the-go access to our accounts with the smartphone as the key to unlock these features.


As its name suggests, this new Australian first feature allows customers to withdraw cash from CommBank ATMs without a card.

Customers can withdraw up to $200 cash a day through the CommBank app and receive a code and a PIN number that can be entered into any CommBank ATM to withdraw the money.

CommBank customers can withdraw cash without a card by entering a code into an ATM

This service, which will be available from May, can also be used to give money to a friend or relative.

For example, if your child needs to catch a taxi home but has no cash, you can send them a text message with the access code and pin number so they can withdraw up to $200 from the nearest CommBank ATM without a card.

Cardless Cash lets CommBank customers withdraw money from a CommBank ATM


For those times when you need to control your spending and improve the security of your CommBank credit card.

Users can limit or lock off transactions on their card like in-store international payments.

It’s also possible to block online international payments, stop ATM withdrawals and limit the size of individual transactions.


The new CommBank Small Business App works with next generation EFTPOS terminals called Leo and Emmy to accept payments and manage your cash flow.

On spot payment options can now include card, contactless, Chip and Pin, swipe payments, BPAY, EFT as well as cash or cheque.

The CommBank Small Business App works with the EFTPOS terminals to accept payments on the go

Customers can also issue estimates and invoices on the fly as well to reduce paperwork and time spent on administration.

And, as is customary at CommBank, all mobile transactions are backed by a 100 per cent money back guarantee.

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