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CleanMyMac 2 keeps your Mac healthy and running fast


cleanmymac1CleanMyMac 2 is a simple software program created for users who want to keep their Macs running smoothly and free of clutter that may slow it down.

The application scans your Mac for junk files, system clutter, user and system logs and other unnecessary files which are safe to delete.

And the result is not only a clean and smoother system but also reclaimed hard disk space that will surprise you.

In our review of CleanMyMac 2 on our 27-inch iMac we had an extra 13.2GB of space on our hard disk after all of the junk was removed and the system files re-organised.

The system clean up of CleanMyMac 2 targets 11 types of junk on your Mac:

User Cache files: files that help applications load faster can become quickly outdated and will stop being used. CMM2 removes these so apps will create fresh cache files to run faster.

System Cache files: System applications keep numerous cache files and storing too many can increase boot up times.

CleanMyMac 2 can remove junk files from your Mac to make it run smooth and fast

User Log files: Mac applications have log files with information on your activity which can be sent to Apple of that app crashes. If you have few crashes and rarely send reports it’s safe to get rid of them.

System Log files: Similar to user logs, system applications and services are also kept in numerous logs and can be sent for debugging purposes if an application crashes.

Broken Preferences: Apps keep preference files to tell it how to operate but there can often be a lot of broken preference files which, if not removed, can cause system instability.

Broken Login items: These items instruct your Mac to launch certain apps and services at start-up which can easily get outdated and broken if an app or services is removed or altered.

iOS Software Updates: Each time you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes to update it, a copy of the software update file is left on your Mac and removing them will save a significant amount of space.

iOS Photo Cache: This is a local copy of images you sync to your mobile device that speeds up the sync process and this cache remains on your Mac even after the sync is over. A new iOS photo cache is created every time you connect your device which is why it is easy to remove the old ones.

CleanMyMac 2 can help you regain valuable hard disk space

Universal Binaries: These were created so apps could run on both Intel and Power PC architectures but your Mac can only use one so PC code could be taking up space on your system. Removing them speeds up your start-up times.

Development Junk: Applications can generate supporting files on your Mac while being installed and configured which just sit there once installation is complete. Removing these files opens up hard disk space and improves your Mac’s performance.

Language Files: Many applications are available in more than a dozen languages and all of these are installed on your system with the app and just waste space. Removing the language files you don’t need can regain lots of space on your hard drive.

CleanMyMac 2 can also find large files that you might have forgotten about on your system and provide a quick and easy way to remove them.

This latest version can also clean up your iPhoto library by finding and removing hidden originals that have been rotated, cropped and modified.

Users can choose manual or automatic removal of these originals which can clean out a surprising amount of space.

CleanMyMac 2 also has a handy uninstaller which can locate and easily remove old or incompatible apps that are on your Mac.

CleanMyMac 2 is $US19.97 for a single Mac licence, $US29.97 for two Macs and $44.97 for up to five Macs.

You can download CleanMyMac 2 here.

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