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Choose the right bottle of wine with your smartphone

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If you’re thinking about heading out this weekend to buy a bottle of wine – make sure you take your smartphone with you.

A new digital service called Cellar Key allows customers to scan a special QR (Quick Response) code on the neck of the bottle they’re thinking of buying with their mobile to find information like tasting notes and reviews.

You can find food and wine pairings and learn about the winemaker right there in the palm of your hand to make an easier choice.  

Cellar Key neck tags will appear in bottle shops, catalogues and even on restaurant wine lists this month and illustrates yet another use for your smartphone and the ease in which it can access information immediately.

It has been launched across Australia and New Zealand to make wine even more accessible.

The Cellar Key QR codes will be featured on brands including Wither Hills Pinot Noir, Petaluma Riesling, St Hallett Faith Shiraz, Capel Vale Margaret River Cabernet, Taltarni Tache sparkling Rose´ and Villa Maria Pinot Gris.

The Cellar Key QR code allows access to reviews of that wine 

“Until now a wine’s label was the only clue to its content, and given the complexity of viticulture plus some of the rich and engaging stories out of Australia and New Zealand’s leading wineries, we spotted an enormous opportunity to harness technology to bridge this knowledge gap and better inform Australian wine lovers,” said Aaron Brasher, head of Fine Wine and Education at Lion Nathan Wines.

“We know people are often bewildered at a bottle shop shelf edge, often facing hundreds of bottles of wine with neither the time nor the opportunity to find out more about a particular wine.

“The Cellar Key helps remedy this all-too-common scenario, through providing wine buyers with bite sized info and content to inform, educate and entertain them.”

Cusrtomers can also find out about the winemakerThe square QR codes are relatively new in Australia and are being used in a variety of ways.

A QR code - scan it and see what it is

QR codes contain richer and more detailed information than standard bar codes and can be printed in various sizes.

They can be used to download information and direct users to websites and have been seen on things like movie posters, print ads and on business cards.

There are readers available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone 7.

Users can download a compatible QR Reader for their smartphone at the Cellar Key website.

How the Cellar Key QR code works