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Aussie-made app to help make healthier food choices

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A new Australian iPhone app has just been released that can help us make healthier food choices when we’re grocery shopping.

FoodSwitch is a free app which allows shoppers to scan the barcode of the product with the iPhone’s camera to see if there are healthier options.

The app is supported by a database of more than 20,000 packaged foods stocked in major Australian supermarkets.  

When an item is scanned with the FoodSwitch app it is rated for four food components – total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

The results are displayed using traffic light labelling criteria – red indicates less healthy, amber is OK with green being the healthier choice.

“FoodSwitch’s three step approach marries the latest technology with cutting edge research. Australians can now scan barcodes, see what’s in a food, and switch to a healthier choice in an instant,” Professor Bruce Neal, Senior Director at The George Institute, said.

The FoodSwitch app allows users to scan an item to understand the nutiritional information and see the healthier optionsOnce the item is scanned with the FoodSwitch app it displays other healthier alternatives FoodSwitch makes it easier for customers to make sense of the nutritional information on a product’s packaging.

Making healthier choices with our food helps us avoid the risk of heart attack and stroke – two of the nation’s biggest killers.

“Choosing a healthier diet has to be made easier, because good eating habits are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to prevent disease,” Professor Neal said.

“For too long, people have grappled with confusing food labels. And with FoodSwitch there is no reason why this should continue.”

 FoodSwitch also lets you add suggested items to a shopping list you can create within the app and have with you at the supermarket.

The app is the result of three years of research by food and health policy experts at The George Institute for Global Health and has been launched in partnership with Bupa – one of Australia’s leading healthcare groups.

FoodSwitch is a free app from the iTunes App Store and will work on the iPhone and iPad. An Android version of FoodSwitch will be available in the coming months.

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