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New app makes catching a cab a lot easier

taxitaxi hailing app

Finding a taxi can be quite a difficult task even at the best of times.

A new iPhone app called Swan Taxis can make it a lot easier.

It can book your taxi and even track the approaching cab’s location on Google map as it makes its way to you.

 Users are notified when the taxi is within 250 metres of your location with a honking sound affect within the app.


Speaking of locations, Swan Taxis can also come to the pick up address based on your current GPS position.

Even when trying to hail a taxi in the street there’s a cab whistler within the app that lets out a piercing whistle when you shake the iphone

Users can store favourite addresses and use them as pick-up or drop off locations and also check the status of their taxi booking.

If you can't whistle the Swan Taxi app will do it for youOther features include a taxi rank finder so you can walk towards the nearest rank along with a fare estimator which can work out how roughly how much your ride will cost.

The app also ensures the vehicle which arrives is the taxi which has been booked. This also allows the driver to check they have the right passenger.

Swan Taxis is only in operation in Perth at present with plans to spread to the other Australia capital cities in the near future.

Swan Taxis Executive Director Kevin Foley said the app has been a year in the making.

“In my 38 years in the taxi industry I have never seen a bigger breakthrough in service delivery for the travelling public of Western Australia,” Mr Foley said.

“The application is free of charge, there are no call costs and it allows the customer to monitor the progress of their taxi at all times.”