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Adobe Photoshop Touch app released for iPad 2


Adobe Photoshop is now available as an app for the iPad 2 and features all of the core features to edit and add effects to your photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Touch allows users to combine photographs, apply filters and create layered images all with the touch of your finger on the iPad 2’s screen.

Now Adobe Photoshop creativity can be utilised anywhere with the convenience of a tablet.

It’s possible to utilise the iPad’s camera to fill an area on a layer with the app’s camera fill feature.

Users can touch up photos, paint and lay out ideas while the app’s Scribble Selection tool can easily extract objects from images by simply scribbling on what to keep.

The Photoshop Touch app allows creativity with the convenience of a tablet

The Refine Edge technology built into the app makes hard-to-select areas with soft edges like hair easy to capture when making selections on the photograph.

Photoshop Touch also makes it easy to share your creations through Facebook and even view comments made on the image right there on the app.

The app can also help users search for pictures using Google Image Search and also browse a gallery of the styles and results that you’d like to achieve.

Your completed images created on the Photoshop Touch can be uploaded to the Adobe Creative Cloud and then open the layered files from the desktop version of Photoshop CS5.

The Photoshop Touch app has all the core features of Photoshop

Photoshop Touch is part of a family of six Adobe touchscreen iPad 2 apps which have been inspired by Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Adobe hopes to release Adobe Collage (for moodboards), Adobe Debut (for presenting creative work), Adobe Ideas (for sketching), Adobe Kuler (for exploring colour themes) and Adobe Proto (for web site and mobile app prototyping) in the coming weeks.

Adobe’s Photoshop Touch requires an iPad 2 running iOS5 and is available now from the iTunes App Store for $10.49.

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