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Hands on with the Dyson V15 Detect which has a laser and acoustic dust sensing

As a big Star Wars fan it’s no surprise that I like products with lasers but I never thought that one of those products would be Dyson’s latest V15 Detect powerful cordless vacuum.

Yes there is a laser aboard the V15 Detect and it helps it live up to its name by helping customers detect hidden dirt on hard floors.

The laser, which was naturally designed by Dyson’s talented engineers, shines a beam across the floor on the path of the V15’s head and clearly exposes any dust and dirt that have been left behind.

For our review we saw dust and hairs on our tiled floors quite clearly when using the laser head on the V15.

Our tiles are an off white colour and we own two Dalmatians so their little white hairs that are easy to see on our dark carpet are all but invisible on our tiled floors.

With the naked eye you would swear the floors are clean but we were shocked to see the dirt, dust and hair still on the floor.

That’s one of a few new features with the Dyson V15 Detect.

As far as the suction and power goes – let’s just say the V15 has got it where it counts with strong enough suction to feel our carpet almost lift off the floor.

But this time around the V15 Detect – it’s not enough to be clean – customers can now expect their home to be a healthier place to live.

With the laser, users can easily see if they have more work to do to completely clean their hard floor.

But now the unit can tell you what you’re vacuuming up off your floor.

It does that with the acoustic dust sensing which uses a piezo sensor which can actually work out the size of the particles.

And users can see, via the display on the handle, the amount and size of the particles and dust being vacuumed.

So at a glance it’s easy to see how clean your floor is just by looking at the chart in front of you.

You’ll be surprised at what you will find in your home when cleaning.

But now the Dyson can provide ways for you to know exactly what needs to be cleaned thanks to the laser and the acoustic dust sensing.

This unit dramatically shows that just using our eyes to judge the cleanliness of an area is surprisingly lacking.

The Dyson V15 Detect has a hyperdymium motor which spins up to 125,000rpm to generate powerful suction along with five stage filtration that captures 99.99 per cent of dust particles down to 0.3 microns.

Combine all these features and customers can have peace of mind they’re getting the best possible clean in their home.

The new Dyson performs at the same noise level as the previous generation so it’s not going to cause too much of a disturbance.

The handle design and dustbin are the same as the previous model and include the same mechanism to easily empty the dust into a garbage.

There is also one new attachment with the Dyson V15 detect – a new conical shaped anti-tangle tool which can deal with a vacuum’s biggest enemy – human and pet hair.

Because of its shape this attachment is able to vacuum long hair without it getting tangled in the brush.

Instead it wind up the cone and is released at the top where it is sucked into the bin.

It’s a smaller attachment so it can be used everywhere including on your furniture and in tight spaces.

On the performance side the Dyson V15 detect can run for up to 60 minutes in Eco mode and about 12 minutes in Boost mode. This is similar battery time to the previous unit.

The Dyson V-15 detect doesn’t offer a huge improvement in performance over previous iterations but the new features give users a clearer picture of the cleaning situation and the health of their home.

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra with two cleaner heads and fives tools, grab and go dock and whole HEPA filtration is available now and is priced at $1,449.

The Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean with two cleaner heads and fives tools is available now and is priced at $1,399.