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You won’t get lost in translation again with the new Australian app DoTalk


A new Australian app has been released to help break down the language barrier and provide instant voice-activated translations in up to 90 different languages.

DoTalk, which was developed entirely in Australia, is available for iPhone and Android and uses proprietary technology to accurately provide cross-language communications that includes six translation APIs (application programming interface) and speech recognition tools.

Users have the choice of sharing a recorded voice file or text message which is then translated to text for the recipient.

It is possible to hold a group chat of up to 10 people at a time in multiple languages in real time.

The DoTalk interface is intuitive and allows you to easily invite your contacts as well as adding languages and accents in a few short keystrokes.

“Our goal with DoTalk was to create a free, fun and easy-to-use app which provides an open forum for people to easily connect and communicate, regardless of language barriers or location and without delay,” says Cairns-based founder Reno Nicastro.


“With applications across everyday life, from business to travel, dating and everything in between, now nothing will be lost in translation. We live in a truly global economy so DoTalk has benefits for absolutely everyone.”


“Whether you are travelling, booking a cab or hotel overseas, want to communicate with international relatives, someone exotic you’ve met online, as the modern-day pen pal, or you just want to learn another language – DoTalk is the tool to connect you to people regardless of where they are or what language they speak.”

DoTalk’s Features

– Real time translation of 90 different languages through the app or Internet enabled device

– Instant voice translation for 50+ languages

– Voice to text dictation

– Group chat including simultaneous translation in conference

– Private messaging


– Send and receive files

– Search and add friends

– 256 Bit encryption/MP4 file storage

– Instant sync across devices