Modern technology gives us many things.

How the Withings smart brush can give you more good hair days


We saw lots of new smart products at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but this one can tell if you’re having a good hair day – it’s the smart hairbrush from Withings.

The Hair Coach is the world’s first smart brush with built-in sensors that can track the health of your hair and suggest ways to improve it.

The Withings device looks like an ordinary hairbrush but upon closer inspection you will see a sensor at the centre of the product which is a collaboration between well-known beauty brands Kerastase and L’Oreal.

With Withings bringing tech expertise to the table, Hair Coach can sync with your smartphone and provide insights in to your hair health through its companion app.

And all you need to do is brush your hair.

From that you’ll receive analysis of your hair’s health and your brushing style.


On the health side, the Withings Hair Coach will examine hair elasticity, damage and hair quality to avoid breakage and tangling.

And it can even detect the force and rhythm of your brushing and your stroke count to understand and improve your hair care routine.


The Hair Couch brush is sleek and lightweight and has professional grade boar and nylon bristles.

It also automatically detects when it is being used and starts collecting data instantly before sending it wirelessly to your smartphone using Bluetooth.


That information is then examined to give users an idea of their hair health, a personalised hair care routine and a chart to track the progress of the health of your locks.

The Withings Hair Coach will be available in the second half of the year.