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What we can expect to see at Apple’s “Let us loop you in” launch event

Apple is holding its “Let us loop you in” event this week, the company’s first launch in 2016, and there has been plenty of rumours and speculation about what it will be revealing.

Tech Guide takes a look at what we can expect to see at the launch which will be held at the Town Hall auditorium at Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

The event will kick of at 10am which is 4am March 22 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time.

The main rumours seem to be around a new more affordable iPhone, a new iPad Air and some more Apple Watch bands.

Here’s our predictions about we can expect to see:

Is this the new iPhone?
Is this the new iPhone?


We expect the star of the show to be a more affordable iPhone that will sit in the mid to super-mid level where Apple really gas competed before.

Reports suggest it will have a 4-inch screen (much like the iPhone 5S) along with an 8-megapixel camera and the latest A9 processor.

The storage will probably at the entry level of 16GB and it will work with Apple Pay.

Design-wise, we’re expecting to see a device like the iPhone 5S but with more curved edges to make it look like the rounded iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

In terms of other features – we think Apple has got something up their sleeves that will surprise everyone.



One of the most popular rumours is the name of the new iPhone.

We’ve heard everything from iPhone SE and iPhone 5SE to iPhone 6 Mini.

The reasoning for not having a number, just being called the iPhone SE, is advantageous because it doesn’t date the device.

But not having a number might also not make it clear to customers where it will fit in the iPhone family.

The iPhone 6 Mini would be an interesting name but we thing that’s too close to what’s already available.

It will be either called the iPhone 5SE or just simply the iPhone SE.


Is this the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro


At the last Apple event in September, the company unveiled the iPad Pro – the 12.9-inch device which allows users to write on the screen with Apple Pencil.

This time around it is the iPad Air’s turn for an update.

We’re hearing that the 9.7-inch iPad Air will take a leaf out of the iPad Pro book in terms of design and also inherit a number of features as well.

One will be the screen that users will be able to write on with Apple Pencil.

And like the larger iPad Pro – the latest 9.7-inch iPad will also have four speakers for an enhanced audio experience.



A strong rumour ahead of the latest Apple event is the 9.7-inch model, which at the moment is called the iPad Air, will be known by a different name.

Seeing it will have the features and the design of the iPad Pro it will also be called – the iPad Pro.

This means the iPad Pro will be available in a 9.7-inch and a 12.9-inch model.

We suspect the current iPad Air will continue to be offered.




No we won’t be seeing a new Apple Watch (it will be a year since it went on sale in April) but there will be some new-look watch bands for the device.

Is that why the event’s tagline is “Let us loop you in”?

Reportedly there will be some existing Apple Watch bands that will be offered in different colours including the Milanese Loop which will be available in Space Grey.

There has also been talk of a new sport band for Apple Watch made out of different material than the current version.


Tech Guide will have a full wrap up of the new Apple products that will be announced at the event.