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VoiceByte introduces VoiceTagging so users can geo-locate their recordings

The latest version of the VoiceByte app has been released for iOS and Android and includes an all-new patent pending technology called VoiceTagging.

VoiceByte allows users to record and share 15 seconds of audio along with a picture and a link either socially on Facebook and Twitter or privately to one person or a group of people.

Now with VoiceTagging users can record their audio (and include a picture and link if they wish) and tag it to their location so other VoiceByte users within range of that area will be able to hear it.

This new feature will allow people to share and hear useful and relevant information about their location.

Creating a VoiceTag is simple. From the record screen simply select the VoiceTag symbol on the right and the app will promptly find your location.

VoiceTagging allows users to tag their recording to a particular location
VoiceTagging allows users to tag their recording to a particular location

Once your location is established you will have the options of setting the range of the VoiceTag which can be as short as 25m in all directions or up to 500m.

Next the user can decide when the VoiceTag expires. You can make it last a single day or choose that it never expires.

You also have the option of allowing replies to your VoiceTag.

Once this is completed you return to the record screen, write a descriptive clip title for your VoiceTag, as well as adding a picture and a link if you want, before recording the audio you want to tag to that location.

There are number of ways VoiceTagging can be used.

Tourist attractions would be able use VoiceTagging to describe the landmark to visitors with audio that is more emotional and authentic.

Music festivals can use VoiceTagging to provide information about each of the stages to concert-goers.

A golf club could record and locate VoiceTags on every tee so the pro can tell players about each hole.

Retailers will also be able to reach out and literally talk to potential customers up to 500m away from their store.

Personal trainers could leave VoiceTags in a park or along a trail to talk their clients through their workouts without actually being there.

This audio treasure hunt can also be used to recommend stores and restaurants or be used as a virtual tour guide in foreign cities.

Users can look for VoiceBytes in their area by swiping left from the broadcast screen. From here it will establish your location and display any VoiceBytes within range of your location.

Another new feature of the latest version of the app is the ability to like VoiceBytes.

And you can also find the most popular VoiceBytes in the new search screen. At a glance you can see the most played VoiceBytes that have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and with the app itself.

VoiceByte version 2.0.1 is free and available now in the App Store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android.

* Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech is the co-founder of VoiceByte