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Vodafone’s reinvented plans include a new phone with no lock-in contracts


Vodafone has shaken up the Australian telco industry by coming up with a new way of getting a new smartphone on a plan without being locked into a contract that can run for up to two years.

Traditionally if you wanted a new phone you would either have to buy it outright and find SIM-only plan or lock yourself into a contract to pay off or “lease” the phone over that period.

Rival companies like Optus and Telstra, and even Vodafone itself in the past, would also charge monthly handset payment fees on top of the monthly contract price.

But what Vodafone is now offering is the option of no lock-in contracts on its new Red plans which gives customers the choice of a SIM only plan or a plan that includes a phone that can be paid off interest-free in 12, 24 or 36 months.

These plans offer a lot more transparency for customers so they can see exactly what they need to pay each month for the SIM card and their phone.

The plans vary slightly so customers can choose the benefits that suit them like extra data and international call minutes.

Customers also have the freedom to exit the plan at any time without paying a fee.

And if your plan also happens to include a phone, you can keep the device and just pay off what’s left.

“Not only have we made our smartphone plans and payments more flexible, we’re proud to announce our new consumer voice, text and data plans, with month-to-month and 12 month options available. They now come with even more data and range from $30 to $100 with six simple price-points,” said Ben McIntosh, Consumer Business Unit Director, Vodafone Australia.

“This gives people the power to create a payment structure that suits them. It also helps them easily see what they’re paying for each month, without locking them in for long periods of time.”

There are month-to-month and 12-month plans which offer generous data allowances and other added value whether you bring your phone or decide to pay off a new one.

Plans which include a new phone start at $30 per month with 3GB of data and then move up to $40 (6GB), $50 (14GB or 16GB on a Red Data plan), $60 (20GB or 22GB on a Red Data plan), $80 (30GB or 32GB on a Red Data plan) and $100 (50GB).

Vodafone’s 12-month SIM only plans start at $30 (2GB), $40 (12GB –  includes 6GB bonus data), $50 (14GB –  includes 2GB bonus data on Global Plan), $50 (16GB –  includes 2GB bonus data on Data Plan), $60 (18GB on Global Plan), $60 (20GB on Data Plan), $80 (30GB on Global Plan), $80 (32GB on Data Plan) and $100 (50GB).