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Vodafone introduces roaming packs for its prepaid customers


Vodafone’s postpaid customers already have peace of mind when travelling overseas thanks to $5 Roaming but now its prepaid customers can travel with their number with new Prepaid Add-ons.

The $5 a day Roaming feature was introduced three years ago and changed the way its postpaid customers use their smartphones overseas.

In a similar way, the Prepaid Add-ons will allow prepaid customers to use their own numbers while travelling in more than 50 countries.

The Prepaid Add-ons are available in three-day and seven-day packs and come in two types – data and talk/text.

Customers can purchase these Add-ons before they travel or when they are overseas as they need them depending on the length of their travels.


Roaming services must be activated before they travel and they can use the Adds-on as soon as they arrive at their destination.

For $25, customers will receive either 100MB of data with 30 minutes of calls and 30 text messages with a three-day expiry or just 200MB of data.

Vodafone Prepaid Roaming Add-ons

Product name 3 days Roaming Add-on 3 days Roaming Data Add-on 7 days Roaming Add-on 7 days Roaming Data Add-on
Data Allowance 100MB 200MB 250MB 500MB
Cost $25 $25 $35 $35
Standard incoming and outgoing call minutes 30 mins 60 mins
Expiry 3 days 3 days 7 days 7 days


Stepping up to $35 for seven-days expiry and you’ll get 250MB with 60 minutes of calls and 60 texts or just 500MB of data.

Australians take more than 9.2 million short term trips each year so these new prepaid plans mean customers can avoid the hassle of looking for wi-fi networks or buying a local SIM card with a totally new number.

“International roaming has been expensive for prepaid consumers, but we have been negotiating hard with telcos around the world to deliver more competitive rates for calls, TXT and data in popular international travel destinations, and I am excited to say that today we launch what we believe is our best ever prepaid roaming offer,” says Vodafone chief marketing officer Loo Fun Chee.

“Vodafone is passionate about roaming because we know smartphones are the perfect travel companion and are bound to make travelling easier for our customers, whether that’s helping them not get lost again or sharing their travel moments with friends and family back home.

“From the outset, we wanted to build a product that catered to the needs of travellers.

“From talking to our customers we understood they wanted a solution that could work for long weekend or week-long getaways and this led to our decision to offer them the choice of a 3-day or 7-day expiry which can be added multiple times as needed.

“We also recognised that the last thing travellers want to do after a long flight is call their telco to buy a roaming product.

“With this in mind, we designed Prepaid Roaming Add-ons so customers can activate their roaming service before they leave Australia and buy the pack when they arrive, all via the MyVodafone app or TXT, without needing to call us.”

Vodafone Prepaid Roaming Add-on destinations include:

Europe Asia & Oceania North & South America Africa
Albania Fiji Brazil South Africa
Austria Hong Kong USA
Belgium Indonesia
Bulgaria India
Croatia Japan
Cyprus Malaysia
Czech Republic New Zealand
Denmark Singapore
England Thailand