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Twitter launches While You Were Away recaps to catch up on best tweets


Twitter has introduced a new feature that will provide a recap of the top tweets from the accounts you follow since the last time you logged in.

The Twitter feed is like a raging river especially if you follow a lot of accounts – it moves really fast.

Lots of tweets are shared but if you’re not looking at your feed at that time you’ll miss them.

And if you’ve spent a fair bit of time away from Twitter, you can only imagine what you’ve missed. Until now.

Under the heading of While You Were Away, Twitter will serve up the best tweets that would have otherwise gone unseen.


Twitter will determine the best tweets by engagement, the profile of the users sharing them and other factors.

The goal here is to help users catch up without compromising the real-time immediacy of Twitter.

While You Were Away will start appearing on the iOS app from today and Android and soon.