Modern technology gives us many things.

Tune in to Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 318 – the international edition


It’s an international edition of Two Blokes Talking Tech for Episode 318 with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech chatting to EFTM’s Trevor Long from Samsung headquarters in South Korea.

On this week’s show, Stephen talks about what he saw after spending two days at the Samsung plus fake Apple ID pop ups could steal your passwords and Foxtel updates its broadband plans.

The blokes also talk about Star Wars – the new First Order Stromtrooper robot from UBTech, the Star Wars robot vacuum cleaners from Samsung and we talk about the latest trailer for The Last Jedi.

Also on the program, the Upright Go to stop you slouching and help you stand up straight, the Arlo Solar panel to power your cameras and Cygnett’s battery that can charge your laptop on the go.

In the minute reviews, we talk about the little Cozmo robot companion and the GogoGate 2 smart garage door opener.

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