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Why the Third Eye augmented reality smart glasses are ideal for sports fans

Augmented reality was popular at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but there were numerous applications for the technology which was demonstrated by the Third Eye X1 Smart Glasses.

The Third Eye X1 has a lens in each eye piece so a user can see text and other objects in their field of vision.

Wearing the glasses is the equivalent of watching a 90-inch high definition screen.

The company behind the glasses say there are many uses for the hands-free computer.

In medicine, a surgeon could be operating with instructions from the other side of the country being fed into his eyeline.

Or in industry, a complex repair job can be made simpler when the instructions are laid in over what the user can see.

But the Third Eye X1 smart glasses, which works with its own app, have another fun application that is sure to be the most popular – watching sports.

Imagine seeing live information like player stats – or better still, the players point of view from the field.

With these smart glasses, users can feel the speed of a F1 driver or ski with an Olympian.

Or you can watch up to 16 games simultaneously simply by turning your head while wearing the X1 glasses to look at a different screen.


Third Eye aims to offer the X1 Smart Glasses to fans at sporting event so they can still see the live action but it will be supplemented with additional information like stats, special offers or advertising.

The smart glasses are built to military standards. In fact, Third Eye has had more than 20 years’ experience creating advanced technology for the US Department of Defense including head-mounted displays (HMD).

The Third Eye X1 Smart Glasses will be available in the coming months.

* Stephen Fenech travelled at Las Vegas as a guest of LG