Modern technology gives us many things.

The smart gadgets that can improve your drinking, listening and driving

The Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas is over for another year and it was the show where new and interesting products were introduced during the event at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Tech Guide stumbled across dozens of new, interesting and quirky products at CES this year including this latest batch of gadgets.

They include an intelligent cup, headphones you can wear to bed, an intelligent steering wheel, a compact mirror USB battery pack and headphones that are loud and clear anywhere.



Heydo claims to be the world’s most intelligent cup. It looks like a travel mug and has plenty of abilities.

These include detecting the quality of your water and being able to tell if there are any harmful chemicals in the liquid.

Heydo can also tell you the strength of your coffee, track how much water you’ve been drinking and even give you reminders on when to drink even more water.



A lot of people love going to bed with their headphones or earphones but they are not designed to be used that way.

Bedphones are on-ear headphones that are about 6mm thick which makes them comfortable to wear in bed or when you’re travelling.

They are made of mouldable memory wire so you can shape them to your ears for a custom fit.

And when connected to the Bedphones app, the earphones will also turn off automatically when you fall asleep.



Pearl is a USB battery pack that’s disguised as a compact mirror.

It has a built-in 3000mAh battery on board yet looks just like a circular compact that many women carry around with them anyway.

Why not include a battery so they can recharge their smartphones, tablets and e-readers n the move.


It even has a built-in LED light so, when Pearl is being used to check your makeup, you can easily see what you’re doing.



Smart Wheel is a device that’s designed to prevent driver distraction.

It snaps on to any steering wheel and requires no plugs or cables.

Onboard is proprietary technology that can detect the position of your hands on the wheel and alerts you when you’ve taken one off the wheel to pick up your phone, for example.


The device also connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to deliver trip data and insights.

Smart Wheel is also being developed so it can enable drivers to answer their smartphones, adjust the wipers and adjust the stereo volume with a simple swipe or tap.



Even when wearing headphones, it’s hard to hear in noisy surroundings especially if you’re talking to someone on the phone.

Orfeo has developed new technology that places the microphone inside your ear to catch your voice as it travels within the Eustachian Tube inside your head.

At the same time the Orfeo headphones are physically blocking outside noises.


The result is crystal clear sound whether you’re talking or listening.

There are three styles of Orfeo headphones – Sign, Infinite and Voice – to listen to music and make and receive calls.