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Telstra and Vodafone introduce unlimited mobile data plans


Telstra and Vodafone have launched their first mobile plans that will offer customers unlimited data to use in Australia – but you will be speed limited if you go overboard.

This follows the recent Optus Unleashed plans which were available to selected customers.

The Telstra Endless Data BYO Plan will be available from May 3 and comes with 40GB of uncapped data and unlimited calls and texts.

Vodafone chimed in less than two hours after the Telstra announcement with its own unlimited data plans available from May 2.

This means Australia customers can forget about bill shock or paying for more data if they exceed their monthly allowance.

But one thing the Telstra and Vodafone Unlimited mobile plans have in common are data allowances that can be used at full network speed before being throttled back to 1.5Mbps.

According to the telcos, this throttled speed is still fast enough to stream standard definition video and listen to music on the move.

Telstra’s plan, available on a SIM-only 12-month plan, will be priced at $69 a month which includes 40GB of uncapped data.

Vodafone has introduced three unlimited 12-month SIM-only unlimited mobile data plans – $60 (40GB), $80 (70GB) and $100 (120GB) – which also includes unlimited talk and text.
“We know how important it is to our customers that they can access the fastest speeds available to them on our network,” says Vicky Brady, Telstra’s group executive of consumer and small business.

“That’s why our unlimited plan comes with 40GB of data to enjoy at uncapped speeds, unlimited sports action, and then data capped at 1.5Mbps to get customers through the month if they need it.

“We have invested billions in our network, pioneered world-leading 4G speeds and pushed our 4G coverage out to more than 99 per cent of the population.

“We are now introducing the unlimited plan Australians tell us they want while maintaining the superior network experience they expect.”

Vodafone also has similar interests for its customers and the company introduced no-lock in plans that allow users to choose a phone over a 12, 24 or 36-month payment term.

Ben McIntosh, Vodafone’s Consumer Business Unit Director said: “The explosion of mobile streaming, across not only entertainment but education and social networking, means that what one person needs from their mobile service is vastly different to the next.

“Our Unlimited Plans give people more choice and the peace of mind that they won’t be left without data or stung with extra costs once their data limits are up,” he said.

“Research shows that over half of the average time spent online is via a mobile device, which is why we’ve made a conscious effort to include generous data inclusions to accommodate for streaming content or downloading files.

“We’re excited to once again shake up the market with Australia’s first widely available unlimited data plans and drive real change for customers that are fed up with paying too much.”