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Telstra expands 4G coverage and activates its new smart network


Telstra has announced its most recent expansion of 4G coverage will now reach 99 per cent of the Australian population including regional and rural areas – that’s 1.4 million square kilometres.

The company has also become the first carrier in Australia to activate Cat M1 capability which is capable of connecting compatible Internet of Things (IoT) products across the entire 4G network.

After the most recent rollout, Telstra now has more than 7000 4G sites across the country and 800 of these were upgraded to 4GX in the last six months.

And when you look at a combined coverage between Telstra’s 3G and 4G, it now reaches 99.4 per cent of the population (up from 99.3 per cent) and covering 2.4 million square kilometres of the country.

This includes hundreds of thousands of square kilometres in rural and regional areas that are not covered by any other carrier.

Telstra plans to extend its 4G footprint to match that of its 3G network.

With the Cat M1 activation, Telstra has a three million square kilometre footprint to create and support any IoT solution.

This new network is the largest in Australia and one of the largest in the world in preparation for customer needs and as the IoT market rapidly grows.

The Telstra Cat M1 network will be able to connect and control compatible devices via cellular
The Telstra Cat M1 network will be able to connect and control compatible devices via cellular

Cat M1 compatible devices will be able to connect to the 4G network with battery life measured in years not months.

These will include consumer and healthcare wearables, smart electricity metering and vehicle telematics.
A Cat M1 can still make a connection in difficult locations including inside buildings and underground.

Telstra conducted a trial at the Pooley Winery in Tasmania using Cat M1 technology to provide remote access to live telemetry data including leaf wetness, soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall and wind speed and direction.